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Dongguan Mingfeng was established in 2006 as a comprehensive LED lighting solutions provider. Our main lines of products include LED grow lights, commercial LED lighting, industrial LED flood lights, and all sorts of indoor and outdoor products. Our design specialty covers large-scale lighting projects. Our bright LEDs are intended for the lighting of massive areas like factory floors, sports venues, shopping centers, town squares, and everything in between. One the greatest strengths of Mingfeng is the company’s ability to provide customized lighting services for our customers. If your needs cannot be satisfied by our standard product lines, simply contact us and we can work with you in order to guarantee your optimal lighting installations.


Custom Lighting Solution

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Mingfeng focus on LED lighting by making the LED lighting products for agricultural lighting, industrial lighting, home and commercial lighting.

SMD dispensing workshop
Fluorescent tube assembly workshop
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Welding production line